Useful Videos

Useful Videos

illustration of two fencers with swords and bucklers

Educational YouTube Channels

YouTube is filled with channels dedicated to HEMA. From gear reviews to tournament channels to fight analysis videos, you should be able to find a lot of videos to help you on your HEMA path.

  • Blood and Iron - a world renowned HEMA school from Canada that studies a variety of weapons and make entire series of instructional videos that are fantastic for beginners.
  • Schola Gladiatoria - one of the biggest youtube channels, run by Matt Easton. He offers a lot of information on all kinds of weapons, how to use them, gear reviews and even movie fight deconstructions.
  • Dreynschlag - a very good channel for beginners, with comprehensive videos and broken down techniques.
  • Martin Fabian - a channel belonging to one of the best fencers in the world, Martin has instructional series on both rapier and longsword.
  • Turul HEMA - insteresting analysis on some of the most well known tournament fencers in the world.
  • Axel Pettersson - another one of the greatest fencers in the world with various videos and seminars.

Tournament channels

Channels containing a lot of footage of great fencing that can be enjoyed by any HEMA enthusiast

  • GHFS - channel belonging to one of the biggest HEMA clubs from Sweden - they also organize Swordfish - one of the most popular tournaments in the world.
  • Longpoint - the biggest tournament in the USA with footage from each year's edition.