Hema Clubs in Romania

HEMA Events in Romania

Fior di Szatmár

Fior di Szatmár is an ambitious Romanian HEMA event held in Ardud, Satu Mare County, that aims to push fencers to become better while providing a cozy and friendly place for all practitioners of the Art.

Hosted by C.S. Gebeleizis, in Satu Mare, Fior di Szatmár has featured a steel longsword tournament with 20 participants; a mixed-weapon charity tournament, spear throwing and many workshops, lectures with top notch instructors (such as Kristine Konsmo, Matt Galas, Axel Petterson and Tobias Zimmerman).

Find out more about Fior di Szatmár here.

Optimus - Bucharest HEMA Open

The "Optimus" event, hosted by Societas Milites Getae, brings together HEMA athletes from both Romania and abroad for seminars and competitions.

Find out more about Optimus - Bucharest HEMA Open here.